VISA ( VISIT, INSPECT, SOLUTIONS AND APPLY) : Besides offering smart products, Techny Tech Team offers Smart Solutions for waterproofing, building protection and industrial applications. Techny Tech Team also offers case based rehabilitation packages, right from case study, testing, formulating and scheduling rehabilitation, and providing application support through its Trained Applicator Network.

Techny believes that quality products must be followed up with the right application support. Therefore at Techny, Applicator training is an enduring process.

We also assist and closely work with Architects, Structural consultants, Engineers, Promoters, Apartment promoters and individual home owners upon giving solutions to problems they encounter concerning buildings.

Techny Tech Team Visits your site to identify the causes of the problems by Inspecting your buildings thoroughly for analyzing the root cause of your problems and provide with cost effective Solutions which can be Applied to rectify the problems.


  • Water proofing of old and new buildings - Bathrooms, Sump, Over head tank, Terrace, Sunshades, Balcony, Utility area, Sloped roof, Terrace Garden and swimming pool
  • Pressure grouting for concrete - floors and walls - Sump, Over head tank
  • Core cut packing work - Bathroom, Sump, Over head Tank, Sunshades
  • Crack filling on walls - Walls and ceilings at interiors
  • Expansion joints work - Horizontal / Vertical, Ceilings floors, concrete walls
  • Wall putty work & painting: Interior and exterior walls and ceilings
  • Epoxy Jointing grout work - Bathrooms / Sunkens, rooms
  • Heat reflective coatings work: Coatings on terraces and cement sheets
  • Anticorrosive coatings work: Exposed steel rods on interiors as well as exteriors, Grills and Steel gates to prevent corrosion
  • Thermal insulation tiles laying: Energy efficient tiles will be layed, quantities tailor made to customers requirements and made to order
  • Rebaring and anchor fixing: In beams, columns, ceilings, fixing up of steel hand rails for steps, Fixing up of machineries in factories
  • Application of epoxy floorings: For floorings in showroom, factories, pharma, foundries, hospitals
  • Elevation coatings : To maintain the beauty of house and protect it from the environment this special coating is applied on the elevation tiles and concretes.