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Thermal Insulation

Tec Chill

Thermal insulating coating

Heat Resistant coating which can be applied over roof tops and asbestos sheets. It practically prevents heat from penetrsting the surface.

Tec Chill Tiles

Thermal insulation Tiles

Heat insulation tiles to be laid as an alternative to weather course tile, practically removing surki concrete and reducing the weight loaded over the roof area.

Tec Cool

Heat Insulation Coating

High heat resistance. High Dirt pick up resistance. Reduces the concumpton of elecricity.

Tec Coollite

Light Weight screeds for Thermal Insulation

High heat resistance. Fire resistance. Reduces dead load factor by 50%.

Tec Tile 12 Cool

Tile grout for Tec Chill Tile

Saves Energy, Eco Friendly, Fire Resistance, Lower Maintanence, less stain adsorption, Non Porous.