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Surface Applied Treatments

Tec Cure WB

Curing Compound-Wax Based

Concrete curing compound- wax based. Effectively retains moisture in concrete/ masonary to ensure optimum curing.

Tec Release MA

Mould Release-Mineral Oil

Mould release compound on mineral oil. Ensures easy Removal of formwork without damage to the concrete.

Tec Cure RB

Curing Compound-Petro Resin Based

Concrete curing compound-resdin based. Retains Moisturein concrete/masonryto ensure optimum curing.

Tec Release WB

Concentrated Mould release-Emulsion

Concentrated mould release aent suplied as emulsion. Economical, suited for all kind of shuttering materials. Dilutable up to 5 times with water.