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Repair Products

Tec Bond EPO

Epoxy Bonding Agent

Epoxy bonding agent fot structural bonding. High Bond strength epoxy based that creates a monolithic bond between old and new concrete.

Tec Bond SBR

Latex Bonding Agent

Acrylic Polymer based bonding agent and admixture for repairs and rehabilitation. Appropriate polymer cement modifier for thin set plastering jobs.

Tec Bond SBR Super

SBR bonding Agent

A versatile bonding agent for repairs to concrete/ masonry surfaces. Exploits the bonding and flexural properties of styrene butadiene Rubber. Ideal bonding agent ad admixture for repairs and rehabilitation of concrete/ masanry surfaces.

Tec Krackfiller

Crack Filler

Specially designed crackfilling compound for filling of inor-non-moving cracks. Economical, Durable and optimum expansive performance.

Tec Grout MC

Micro Concrete

High strength, Flowable Microconcrete for concrete structural repairs. Fits well into the parent concrete structure. Ideal for tough concrete repair jobs.

Tec Mortar PE

Polyester Resin Repair Mortar

Rapid setting, high strength polyester resin repair mortar. Ideal for rapid repair jobs in concrete structures, emergency floor repair jobs. Attains very high strength in short span of time.

Tec Mortar X

Fibre Re-Inforced Repair Mortar

Fiber reinforced, ready to use repair mortar for spalled concrete and general masonary repairs. Only requires addition of water. Enriched with moisture of water. Enriched with minimal external curing.

Tec Stop - S

Instant Plugging Compound

Can be used for horizontal, vertical, or overhead applications. Excellent compatability with masanary and concrete surfaces.

Tec Plast 24

Pre Mixed Plastering Mortar

Does not shrink or crack while curing. Easily workable to achieve a variety of plaster finishes.

Tec Shine Q-Rust Remover

Liquid to Remove Rust Formation

Rust remover can be used to remove rust in the reinforcement bars, GI Pipes, plumbing and sanitary lines.