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Protective and Decorative Coatings

Tec Brite V

Anti Fungus Coating

Single component high flexible coating to prevent dampness on walls.

Tec Brite UT

Concrete Tile coating

Single component, clear protective coating for paver blocks and concrete tiles. Forms a lamination which enhances the beauty of the tiles.

Tec Brite QA

Water Repellant, weather resistant, Decorative coating for Exteriors

Single component ati carbonsation coating to be applied over concrete surfaces. Highly water repellant.

Tec Brite U

Clear Tile Coating

Single component, clear protective coating for decorative tiles, natural and artificial stones. Forms into a lamination type protective coating that remains unaffected in extreme weather conditions.

Tec Valplast

Pre Mixed White Wall Putty

Pre mixed white wall putty. Ideal for Interior and exterior applications. Reduces paint conception.